From the novice to the competition player, we have a range of packages to suit your experience and budget. Make the most of your day and ensure you don’t run out of ammo by purchasing enough paint to keep you going through your session. All packages include overalls, mask and paint marker (gun) hire.

Gun upgrades available

Sniper $10
Comp Gun $20


The “Evil Pack” will keep you going for a while, careful not to use that paint too quickly though.

Evil Pack


Demons Pack” with 500 paintballs, this is the one for you to win…

Demons Pack


With our most popular pack the ”Hell Pack” you wont run short of paintballs, unless you go nuts of course…

Hell Pack


Satan’s Pack” is the ultimate, with enough paint to last you all morning and an upgrade to a competition marker to keep you on top in the game.

Satans Pack